Towers to reach 100 and 120 metres without scaffolding

The Ensemble: 592 apartments in Amsterdam-Zuidoost

We are currently constructing a two-tower residential building at 14-16 Karspeldreef in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. When finished, one tower will be 100 metres tall, with the other rising to 120 metres. Thanks to our unique construction method, the towers will be erected without scaffolding. The building will comprise 592 modern rental apartments as well as 19,000 square metres for office space and 5,000 square metres for commercial use and social amenities.

Project properties

Project name
The Ensemble: 592 apartments in Amsterdam-Zuidoost
Culture, Offices, Housing
75000.00 m²
Van Belle & Medina + CONIX RDBM Architects
Cordeel Amsterdam VOF
General Contractor
Great Grey Investments + Wonam
Type of contract
Traditioneel (UAV 2012)
Q2 2022 - Q3 2025

Mixed-use development

The Ensemble will cater to all age groups and will include private sector residences in the mid to high segment and social housing. The six-storey plinth is designed for commercial use and will house various amenities, including restaurants, sports facilities, a healthcare facility and pharmacy, a talent centre for young people and a neighbourhood outreach team. Underground parking will be available for cars, motor scooters and bicycles.

Scaffolding-free construction

We are building the towers without using scaffolding, opting instead for solutions such as C-fast. This is our own innovative construction system with ready-mix concrete and smart joints produced by our concrete partner C-Concrete. The prefabricated sandwich panels are ready to use when they arrive on site and are fitted with wall cladding and frames, allowing for immediate installation. We are using a similar method to place the balconies, making the construction process cleaner and more efficient.

Nearly zero energy

The Ensemble will be a nearly zero-energy building thanks to heat and cold storage, green roofs and solar panels. We are in the process of attaining a BREEAM certificate and are striving for the 4-star label (Excellent), based on the 2014 BREEAM-NL New Construction and Renovation v2.0 guidelines. This will make The Ensemble one of the largest and most sustainable mixed-use high-rise developments in the Netherlands.

Parallel construction

The construction of both towers is proceeding concurrently, which is quite a logistical feat. To properly manage equipment supply, we use just-in-time delivery, eliminating the need for large buffer stocks and resulting in almost seamless operations throughout the sub-processes. This also solves storage issues resulting from limited space at the construction site.

From office park to mixed-use neighbourhood

The Ensemble is located in Amstel III, the new urban district between Johan Cruyff ArenA, AMC hospital and the railway. In the coming years, the area will be transformed from an office park into a mixed-use neighbourhood, combining living and working with ample high-quality public space and meeting places. As part of the transformation, The Ensemble will add a good deal of value to the new district due to the various amenities in the plinth of the building.

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