Bioscoop CineCity Vlissingen

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Expansion of CineCity Vlissingen

The CineCity CCXL Theatre in Vlissingen is Zeeland's ultimate venue for culture and has no fewer than 700 seats. Aside from showing movies on one of the biggest screens in the Netherlands (24x10 m), the venue also offers a stage for theatre, cabaret and music. Cordeel was responsible for both the design and the realisation.
Bioscoop CineCity Vlissingen
Bioscoop CineCity Vlissingen

Project properties

Project name
Expansion of CineCity Vlissingen
CineCity Vlissingen
1,800 m²
Este Architects
Cordeel Nederland & Grontmij
Type of contract
Design & Build
04/2014 - 10/2015

Working in a water-control structure

During the process, our client, CineCity, wanted to add a theatre function to the venue. We therefore had to add underground dressing rooms, an orchestra pit and a goods lift to the design. When integrated with the existing design, it meant that we had to work inside the primary water-control structure. Together with Grontmij (now called Sweco), we aligned the structural design and the implementation methods. The building is now incorporated in the primary water-control structure and is prepared for future dyke elevations.

Short preparation and construction time

We had not even started construction, but the first theatre performance had already been scheduled. By making use of prefabricated concrete elements from our own factory, we were able to complete the project within a short timeframe. Together with the public authorities and utility companies, we also managed to reroute an existing public road, cables and piping during the brief preparation period.