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Future-proof construction. Future-proof career.

Time for you and Cordeel

Want to take that next step in your career? Juggling too many balls in the air at the same time in your current job? That’s not how we operate at Cordeel. Here, there’s space for balance and space to grow. Here, we do things together and strive for the same goal: to build the most amazing projects.

Not a job but a career

We’re always seeking people who can add value to our business  not only on site but also in the office. We’re looking for enterprising self-starters. People with grit who are capable of handling the freedom and responsibility offered at Cordeel. Does this sound daunting? No need to worry. At Cordeel, we’ve got your back, whether you are just starting out on your career journey or already have a few years under your (tool)belt.

Your dream job not on the list?

Get in touch, and, together, we can explore other potential openings that match your interests and qualities. Send us a message,  and we can take a look at just how bright your future could be at Cordeel. We are always delighted to talk with you, even if you aren't entirely sure which career path you want to take.

(Team)building is our business 

We’re a close-knit family business, which is quite exceptional for a large construction company. We guarantee that you’ll love taking part in our challenging but fun  team-building activities?

At Cordeel, you’re in the right place

We offer a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package. You will enjoy freedom and responsibility and the chance to achieve your ambitions. We'll help you lay the groundwork and build a bright career in construction.  

We offer

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