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Everything in-house

We have our own equipment service, which includes cranes, telehandlers, aerial platforms, excavators and various modes of transport. Thanks to our in-house engineering department and our modern production facilities in Belgium, we can steer the entire process and manage a project from concept to completion. This contributes to speed and flexibility and ensures we can monitor both quality and processes closely. For example, this has a lot of added value where prefab elements are concerned. In addition, our production facilities allow us to implement more complicated and challenging projects. And we always look forward to tackling such challenges at Cordeel.


Cordeel is an expert in the field of prefabricated construction methods that help accelerate the building process. The Building Information Model (BIM) plays an important role in this respect. By continuously optimising data via the digital model, we can better anticipate the needs of our clients and partners. To achieve this, we employ tools such as Revit, Solibri and Trimble, which have become the standard in the industry. Due to BIM, the construction process is faster, smoother and has fewer errors. Opting for BIM methodology also means that the client receives all data in a digital file at the end of the project. This file is an excellent digital foundation when it comes to future maintenance.

Prefab concrete

In our prefab concrete factories specialised production crews work in conditioned plants using state-of-the-art resources and a testing laboratory that strictly monitors quality. We process up to 35,000 m3 of concrete each year to produce high-quality prefab elements. From concrete columns to tailor-made products, no concrete element leaves our plants without extensive checking. Needless to say, both plants operate under the KOMO label (pdf) . Our first-rate prefab concrete allows us to build faster and reduce the execution time substantially.

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In the past few years, our steelworks department has seen major growth. We have a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes and make all kinds of structures in hot-rolled steel. We deliver up to 500 tonnes of products per month. The workshop comprises 15,000 m2 and possesses state-of-the-art robots for welding, drilling, sawing and cutting. Perhaps best of all is that most of the processes use renewable energy. Our factory allows us to produce smart, fast and durable tailored construction elements, from geometric structures to the most complicated architectural masterpieces.


Carpentry and furniture workshop

Using the most modern production resources, we process woodwork of the highest quality in our carpentry and furniture workshops: both indoor and outdoor woodwork for many different applications, including frames, counters, cabinets, wall cladding and stairs. All manufactured with care and installed with love; and, of course, with a focus on sustainability. For example, we recycle wood waste and sawdust into new wood products, thereby contributing to a circular construction process. Thanks to our custom-made furniture, we can also furnish reception areas, canteens, conference rooms and offices, for instance.


Do you have a complicated or challenging building project for us?
No matter what you want to build, Sander Dekker and Adri de Rijke look forward to discussing your project.