Cordeel @ Royal van Lent (Sept2018)-17

Satisfied clients, long-term relationships

At Cordeel, we place strong emphasis on health, safety and quality. This approach is reflected in everything we do. We are always looking to take preventive and corrective measures to further improve our performance. We are ISO 9001 and SCC-Petrochemical certified, but quality and safety mean more to us than a mere certificate. We recognise that on-site safety and high-quality work results in satisfied clients and long-term relationships. We cherish this. It’s why we pay a lot of attention to staff training and supervision. We evaluate our work, undertake preliminary inspections and monitor client satisfaction on completion of a project. In addition, we don't only involve our colleagues in policy but our subcontractors and suppliers too.


Our special health, safety and environment (HSE) department ensures optimal workplace safety. Our priority lies with making sure every project is incident-free. We strive for this each day and it is something we continuously invest in. Cordeel has been SCC-P certified for many years. The P stands for 'Petrochemistry', the safety category with the most stringent requirements. All our construction site employees and site managers have attained the SCC diploma required for their position. Moreover, everyone undergoes constant training and assessment. Subcontractors are also carefully selected: we don't just look at their certificates but their safety behaviour too.


Cordeel’s business operations focus on quality and risk management. Our independent quality department keeps a close watch on all activities. At the start of each project, a specific quality plan with risk analysis is created. We make use of testing and inspection plans and integrate hold-points for quality inspections in the construction process. Here, too, we are always looking for innovation, such as digitising quality controls or deploying drones for inspections. This ensures we always deliver the very best work.


Sustainability and environment

To design and build a sustainable and future-proof building, a strong partnership is necessary between client, contractor and designers. Each project presents its own unique challenges and we excel in creating solutions. We have our own internal BREEAM expert and several of our projects have been awarded a BREEAM certificate. It is becoming increasingly important to innovate and keep ahead in the area of technical installations and sustainability. Our sister company, Imtech, enables us to access knowledge from more than 600 specialists. The sustainability of equipment is also given our full attention.

Curious about the benefits our working method provides?
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