Maintenance and more

Are you looking for a reliable partner for the complete maintenance, alteration or renovation of your property? Our real estate service department offers tailor-made solutions. We provide plan-based maintenance, repair damage after calamities and carry out restorations, interior building, refurbishments and cost-plus contracts. Cordeel is a one-stop building partner throughout the entire construction process, which means you can also depend on us for the maintenance of structures, installations and infrastructure.

Above, beyond and better

  • We always go above and beyond to ensure operational processes are not disrupted and continuity of your business activities is guaranteed. 
  • Our experienced employees are used to working under pressure in complex environments such as logistics centres, petrochemical plants, factories and shopping areas. 
  • With our existing clients, we know a building and its history. That makes a difference: we are aware of what is and is not possible without having to investigate. 
  • The real estate service department is supported by our other departments and production facilities. As most of our operations are under one roof, you gain unique and rapid access to customised work. 
  • Your designated contact guarantees swift answers to any and all questions. 


We have our own carpentry workshop where our trusted timber artisans create crafty solutions for anything from window and door frames to formwork, roof upstands and timber frame elements. Everything is custom built for our real estate service department and larger construction projects. Having our own carpentry workshop means our clients are guaranteed short delivery times. 



Our real estate service department undertakes occasional and small-scale non-residential construction projects. Think of building extensions, office space renovations or converting meeting rooms, cafeterias and schools. We also regularly offer solutions for building and machine foundations, loading bays, warehouses and infrastructure. We can even construct entire industrial buildings of up to 1,500 m2. 


Damage repairs

Whether damage is caused by storm, fire, burglary, water or some other calamity, our real estate service department ensures everything is neatly repaired to its original condition. Naturally, we make sure those affected are hindered as little as possible by our work. In most cases, we are already familiar with our clients’ buildings, especially those we built ourselves. This allows us to take necessary measures without delay or provide satisfactory temporary solutions. 


A well-maintained building can last many lifetimes. By using periodic inspections and a risk matrix, including condition surveys in accordance with NEN 2767, we can assess the required maintenance work. Common jobs include painting woodwork and repairing frames, roofs, gutters, masonry and jointing. We always consult with clients before scheduling any work. Besides preventive maintenance, we also carry out remedial maintenance, such as repairing damaged concrete or fixing jammed doors and replacing locks. 


If there are any concerns following completion of a construction project, our service specialists are on the case. As we already have access to all the required technical drawings and specifications, we can get the job done in a fraction of the time.


The real estate service department is part of Cordeel Nederland and therefore benefits from our own engineering capacity. Our in-house structural engineers, architects and modellers create the design, organise building permits and take care of the drawings, allowing us to offer you a complete design and build package – from sketch to construction with, of course, expert maintenance on completion. 

Want to know more about our maintenance service?
Joan van Burg will gladly explain the potential benefits for your organisation.