Transformatie Feithplein Voorburg

Feithplein in Voorburg to be redeveloped as a green residential environment

Office towers transformed into luxury housing complex

We are converting two vacant office blocks at Burgemeester Feithplein in Voorburg into sustainable, future-proof residential towers. In addition to 95 rental apartments and 21 owner-occupied apartments, there will be space for commercial facilities in the plinths of the buildings. The square itself is undergoing a green metamorphosis into a lush courtyard garden.
Transformatie Feithplein Voorburg
Feithplein Voorburg

Project properties

Project name
Office towers transformed into luxury housing complex
Burgemeester Feithplein, Voorburg
Holland IMMO Group
12500.00 m²
CAE Nederland, Iv-Groep
Type of contract
Traditioneel (UAV 2012)
Q1 2020 - Q3 2021

Grote Feith and Kleine Feith

Reflecting their different heights, the new residential buildings are to be named Grote Feith and Kleine Feith. Grote Feith’s 14 floors will house luxury residences ranging from 72 to 236 m2. The upper seven floors are reserved for owner-occupied apartments and the lower seven floors – as is the entire Kleine Feith building – are for rental apartments. Storerooms and a car park with private parking spaces are to be housed underneath the complex. De Maese Woningen is the property developer, while the multidisciplinary consultancy and architectural firm KuiperCompagnons is responsible for the design of the buildings and the outdoor space. 

Green and gas-free

New insulating façades and 124 solar panels will render the residential towers sustainable and future proof. Moreover, all the homes will be gas-free, as heat pumps will replace the original gas connections. The rental apartments will have a collective heat-pump system, while the owner-occupied residences will each have their own energy-efficient pump. Floors 12 to 14 of Grote Feith will be mechanically ventilated, with heat recovery systems providing further energy savings. On the other floors of both buildings, ventilation air will be extracted mechanically and fresh air will be supplied via wall grilles. The new courtyard garden will enhance the complex’s green aspects and will serve as an extension of adjoining Noteboom park.


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