Dynamics reflected in BP headquarters

New headquarters for BP Netherlands at Europoort

Since the completion of the new 'blast-proof' building, office staff at the BP refinery have been protected against possible explosions from outside. The building is situated next to the oil refinery and offers a sustainable, safe and healthy working environment.

Project properties

Project name
New headquarters for BP Netherlands at Europoort
D’arcyweg 76, Rotterdam
BP Raffinaderij Rotterdam BV
Petrochemicals, Offices
10000.00 m²
Group A
Royal Haskoning DHV
Type of contract
Design & Build (UAV-GC)
01/2010 - 03/2011

Design & Build

This is a unique landmark building in a heavy-duty industrial environment. Embedded in a newly constructed dune measuring 14 metres in height and with a curved glass façade, the building looks out over the water and the landscape of Voorne-Putten. After a lengthy tender phase, BP granted us the assignment under a UAV-GC 2005 (Uniform Administrative Conditions for the Execution of Works - Integrated Contracts) design and build contract. Officially, the design phase began as soon as the tender was granted and included the planning permission application and creation of a detailed design. Construction of the office was subject to stringent safety standards and various assessments. Except for the office furniture, all deliveries and services for the entire building were provided or installed by us. 

No recordable incidents

During the construction process, as is the case for almost all our projects, no incidents were reported. Safety was paramount throughout the project, from the schedule of requirements to the actual build.


“We knew all about Cordeel's strengths. It is a family business and the owner personally gets involved. Decisions are thus made quickly. The also didn't have any legal advisers” 

Jaap de Ronde BP new build project manager

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