Bulkloods Vlaeynatie T2 Westdorpe

Bulk storage of fertilisers

Terminal 2 for Vlaeynatie

We are currently building a bulk storage warehouse (Terminal 2) for Vlaeynatie on the plains of Axel, adjacent to a similar structure. This is to be the fourth project by Cordeel for this loyal client. It follows our construction of Terminal 1, the realisation of the foundations for a sugar terminal and the building of an office.
Bulkloods Vlaeynatie T2 Westdorpe

Project properties

Project name
Terminal 2 for Vlaeynatie
Vlaeynatie N.V.
Civil & Infra, Petrochemicals, Logistics & Production
24800.00 m²
Arcade Engineering BVBA
Type of contract
02/2018 tot heden


For Terminal 2, Cordeel was initially only commissioned to realise the vibro-pile foundations in phases 1 and 2.  However, we were then assigned to build the superstructure of both phases as well. In total, the assignment comprises the construction of approximately 24,800 m2 of warehouse space for bulk containers and big bags. 

Structure adapted for storage material

The new building is similar to Terminal 1, which we built three years ago. An essential difference is the main bearing structure that consists of steel instead of prefab concrete. By applying a 300 mu C5i coating, the metal is more resistant to the corrosive effects of fertilisers


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