Accurate to within 10 millimetres

High-bay warehouse for leading packaging supplier Elopak

We are building a huge high-bay warehouse on AC Rijnberg Transport’s premises in Terneuzen that will include offices and a 10-dock dispatch area.

Project properties

Project name
High-bay warehouse for leading packaging supplier Elopak
Rijnberg HBW B.V. / Elopak Nederland B.V.
Logistics & Production
29000.00 m²
Cordeel Nederland B.V.
Cordeel Nederland B.V.
Type of contract
Design & Build (UAV-GC)
09/2021 tot 10/2022

Fully automated warehouse

Warehouse work will never be the same for Elopak’s beverage cartons. Seven fully automated robot cranes will soon be safely placing 24,000 pallets in 25-metre-high racks. Employees will control the processes from their new office building, which is to be built as an extension to the warehouse. We are also constructing a bridge and extending the existing structure to connect Elopak's current facility with the new one. The mega warehouse will allow Elopak to store almost half a billion packages at a single location, significantly reducing freight movements. Storage is currently spread across several sites.


Fully automated pallet storage and dispatch transportation requires a staggering degree of accuracy. The margin of error is so slim, in fact, that deviations would prove calamitous should they exceed 10 millimetres per 100 metres. That is just 0.01%. A challenging task but one in which we are highly experienced. Several structures at the site will need to be demolished before construction can commence. The complete layout work, including paving, fencing and gates, will also be part of the project.

From design to completion

For this design and build project, we will see the entire process through to completion. As an added bonus, Elopak and Rijnberg, two of our regular clients, have joined forces for this assignment. Our in-house engineering department is responsible for the design of the warehouse which will be built on Rijnberg’s site. Several of our sister companies will take care of the production and delivery of the precast concrete elements, the reinforcement for the foundations and floors as well as the roof and wall cladding. Operating as a one-stop building partner, Cordeel Group will have complete process oversight.

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