Hoogste Punt Cadzand

Celebrations in order as Hotel & Residence De Schelde is topped out!

We recently celebrated topping out Hotel & Residence De Schelde in Cadzand by flying our flags and enjoying some refreshments. The building comprises 51 hotel rooms and 33 owner-occupied apartments (all sold) with underground parking. In the presence of the Verbeke family, owners of the hotel, Erik De Bruijn (CEO of Cordeel Nederland) took the opportunity to thank all the construction staff on site for their work.

Topping out the project is the perfect point to stop and reflect on what is an immense and impactful achievement. As per tradition, we have invited those who put in all the hard work for a snack. The coming months will see the building take further shape, adding to the mosaic that forms the impressive Cadzand-Bad marina.

Structural work on the 11 floors (basement included) is now almost complete. The roof tiles will soon be placed, after which we can start removing the scaffolding. And the interior is beginning to take shape too. The inner walls and floor screeds have been installed and plastering has begun. Mounting of the lifts and tiling work will also begin this month.

The construction of Hotel & Residence De Schelde is taking place on a challenging, busy site on the Cadzand boulevard. As co-developer and coordinating contractor, Cordeel Nederland is responsible for the execution of the project.

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