Complete switch to renewable diesel (HVO100) at all Cordeel Nederland construction sites to result in 89% cut in carbon emissions (and more)

At Cordeel Nederland, we are taking an important step towards realising our mission of building a passionate CO2-free future. We are now committing to exclusively using HVO100, a renewable diesel fuel, to power our equipment and generators at construction sites. This transition will reduce our carbon emissions by 89% compared to using fossil diesel, which translates to a reduction of 280 tonnes – a quarter of a million kilograms of CO2 – every year! Although renewable fuel might be costlier than fossil diesel, we believe the potential game-changing impact will be more than worth it.

What is HVO100?

At the cutting edge of synthetic biofuels, HVO100 is made using 100% renewable raw materials. As an EN15940 certified fuel type, it complies with strict regulations established by the EU for high-quality synthetic fuel. HVO stands for hydrated vegetable oil, which is recycled oil treated with hydrogen that, over its entire life-cycle from well to wheel, reduces carbon emissions by 89% compared to fossil diesel.

This fuel also cuts fine particulate emissions by 10 to 38%, nitrous oxide emissions by 5 to 37% and sulphur emissions by more than 99%. The ISCC-EU certificate ensures materials used to produce HVO100 are sourced responsibly. HVO100 facilitates efficient combustion, can withstand extreme temperatures and is suitable for any diesel engine without requiring adjustment.

What’s next?

Our ultimate goal is to shape a completely emissions-free construction site that relies on electric and hydrogen-based solutions. However, we are not there yet. We therefore feel it is vital to use HVO100 as an intermediary fuel, a transition that allows us to make giant leaps in limiting the negative ecological impact of our construction activities. At the same time, we will continue to research ways of making our operations more sustainable, not least in terms of material use and circularity.

We have a mountain to move. Fortunately, Cordeel Nederland has got what it takes to get it done.

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