Eerste paal Uparq Hellevoetsluis

Groundbreaking ceremony for UPARQ Hoogvliet commercial storage units

On Friday, 8 September, a groundbreaking ceremony kicked off the UPARQ Hoogvliet project. This festive occasion marked the start of construction. The two-storey complex in Hoogvliet will serve not only as an iconic multitenant facility but also as a valuable logistics hub for businesses in Rotterdam’s industrial area. Cordeel’s engineering department designed the project.

UPARQ will provide 153 versatile storage units that can also be used for workshops and webshop facilities and for housing commercial vehicles and camper vans. Cordeel’s engineering department was involved in the design process at an early stage to enable vehicle garaging.

Erik De Bruyn, CEO Cordeel Nederland, says, “We handled the entire engineering for this project in-house, from scratch to execution-ready plan, including the permit application. By offering a full-service concept, we are able offer our clients a customised and care-free solution.”

Collaborating closely with UPARQ enabled us to understand the company’s overall business process and ensure that the project catered to specific needs. As a result, the design is fully aligned with the client’s specifications, including the ability to stack the units. We have also designed larger units specifically for garaging commercial vehicles and camper vans. The designs account for the size and weight of the vans, with wider drive aisles to facilitate their larger turning circles.

In-depth discussions took place early in the project between our engineering department and our colleagues at C-Concrete, our own prefab concrete plant in Temse, Belgium. The process went beyond calculating wall thickness. From the outset, we looked at other issues in detail as well, not least exploring how to make production and transport more sustainable and finding ways to save on time and costs. For example, we were able to design thinner walls without compromising on wall strength. 

We also collaborated effectively with the costing department. Thanks to the short lines of communication, it was possible to directly calculate, revise or rule out cost optimisations during the structural design phase.

The construction of the logistics hub in Hoogvliet marks the third joint project between UPARQ and Cordeel. Previous collaborations have taken place in Hellevoetsluis and Bergen op Zoom.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Erik De Bruyn emphasised the core value of the Cordeel family business: “Longstanding relationships with clients, partners, subcontractors and our employees are at the heart of our daily operations.”

At Cordeel, our commitment does not end after the completion of a building. Aftercare and maintenance, which our real estate service department handles, are equally important to us. Erik De Bruyn explains, “The knowledge we gain from this type of ongoing involvement is essential to future projects. To us, long-term cooperation means continuous improvement and, in particular, maintaining close relations with our clients and this brings us full circle.”

We would like to thank UPARQ for placing trust in us throughout the process.

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