betonstort Boompjes

Foundation for Clubhouse Boompjes now complete!

After spending 42 hours pouring 3,650 cubic metres of concrete for two footings, the foundation for Clubhouse Boompjes is now complete. Constructing concrete slabs capable of supporting two high-rise residential towers (70 metres and 100 metres) was a massive job – taking into account all the technical preparations and logistical challenges.


Prior to pouring the concrete, the structural engineer and the concrete technologists decided on the proper concrete mix. A work plan was agreed upon to determine the pouring method, in which the pace, layers and sequence all played an important part in ensuring both of the 2.3-metre-thick footings were uniform and fit for purpose.

Given the volume of concrete, the assignment had to be split over multiple concrete plants, each responsible for transporting its own mixers to and from the construction site. Cordeel has a good deal of experience with similar urban construction projects, which proved a valuable asset. Our project team was able to successfully streamline the flow of 25 then 15 mixers during the first and second pourings. Power trowels were then deployed to smoothen the surface, after which the concrete was covered for several days while the hardening process was monitored.


The residential towers are being erected along the Boompjes, an important arterial thoroughfare in Rotterdam. Those familiar with the Rotterdam Maritime District will not be surprised by the logistical challenges. To steer the project towards success, agreements have been made with the Municipality of Rotterdam concerning some of the streets near the site entrance. Road signs have also been put up along the main roads and street traffic controllers have been deployed. Moreover, we have had to adapt the layout of our narrow construction site to facilitate the concrete pumps and mixers.

To meet the tight schedule during this phase, considering the limited processing time of concrete, clear communication and coordination between all parties was vital. Pouring concrete is short-cycle work requiring input from various disciplines, all of which Cordeel has at its disposal.

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