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Name of new Hellevoetsluis child centre revealed

On Wednesday, 15 July, Councillor Hans van der Velde of the Municipality of Hellevoetsluis officially revealed the name of the new child centre that is being built in the city. The unveiling ceremony was attended by the location managers of RKBS Hendrik Boogaard, OBS Montessori School Hellevoetsluis and CBS De Bronn school communities. Representatives of De Kinderkoepel childcare centre, architect De Zwarte Hond and Cordeel Nederland were also in attendance.

17 July 2020

The unveiling took place at the construction site on Amnesty Internationallaan. Despite the ceremony being small scale due to the coronavirus crisis, Hans van der Velde announced, “Around this time next year, we hope to have a big party to celebrate completion of the project.”

The child centre is to be called De Samenstroom and will be approximately 4,600 m2. The centre will bring education, childcare and health care closer together and will focus on a new way of learning, where children no longer learn in grades but in six clusters. In each cluster, three teachers with 75 pupils will work at various levels using different teaching methods. As well as three primary schools and a childcare centre, there will be facilities for a number of specialisms, including physiotherapy, speech therapy and coaching. At the unveiling ceremony, Hans van der Velde expressed the hope that during a future school reunion the children would look back fondly on the enjoyable time they had spent here. He added that the nature and character of a building are important factors in this.

Starting from when they are babies, all children at the child centre will be given equal opportunities for developing and nurturing diversity will be a priority. According to Sylvain Bogerd, director of Montessori School Hellevoetsluis, De Samenstroom (flowing together) embodies the ideas of ‘growing together’ and ‘being together’. The ‘stroom’ (flow) part of the name is a reference to the renowned local water landscape and the energy that the child centre will radiate.

The child centre is being constructed next to the sports complex that Cordeel is also building. The Municipality of Hellevoetsluis awarded both contracts to Cordeel. Our own engineering and costing department in collaboration with the architect optimised the design and feasibility. We will lead the construction process all the way from provisional design to completion.


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