Cordeel coronavirus

Corona: Working safely together

As always, the safety and well-being of our employees, clients and subcontractors are paramount in our business operations. This is no different during the current corona pandemic.

6 April 2020

Cordeel Nederland continues its operations safely, in line with the Samen veilig doorwerken (‘Working safely together’) protocol established by the government and the Dutch construction and engineering sector. The protocol follows the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and is supported by unions, trade associations and employers' and workers’ organisations.

Our HSE department helps staff at building sites translate the protocol into safe, practical working conditions and supervises the application of the guidelines as determined by the RIVM. It is supported in this by our equipment service, which, in cooperation with our site managers, takes care of the adaptation of building site layout and facilities where necessary.

This health crisis is having a huge impact on society and the global economy. However, our clients, employees and suppliers can count on our strongly driven entrepreneurship, which is embedded within our 85-years-young family firm. This will allow us to maximally secure our business operations in a safe and responsible manner.

We are extremely grateful to all our employees for the flexibility and commitment they show while continuing to perform to their best under these special circumstances. This teamwork is the backbone of our company. Thank you all for your dedication!

Erik De Bruyn (CEO) & Sam De Ridder (CTO)

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