Hellevoetsluis mega sports complex takes shape

The Hellevoetsluis sports complex on Amnesty Internationallaan is now taking shape. By mid-2020, we will have delivered a multifunctional sports centre finished to the highest standards. This new social hotspot in Hellevoetsluis will include a gym, three swimming pools, a large sports hall with grandstand, locker rooms, a restaurant and offices.

30 August 2019


The basement floor has been poured and the prefabricated walls of the swimming pools have been installed. Although the recreational pool is only half finished, the curved shapes are already visible. The pouring of the ground beams for the locker rooms and construction of the entrance to the sports hall and the complex are currently in full swing.


The complex will be completely gas-free and solar panels will contribute towards energy self-sufficiency. With a high insulation value and a low EPC score of 0.37, the building will meet high ambitions in terms of sustainability.

 Integrated child centre

Before summer, we also won the contract to build the new integrated child centre (IKC in Dutch), which will stand next to the sports complex. Construction work is expected to start in the first quarter of 2020. The IKC will house a childcare centre as well as three primary schools from the surrounding neighbourhoods. As with the sports complex, this design & build (UAV-GC) project has been commissioned by the Municipality of Hellevoetsluis.


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