Hoogste punt Oceanco MW1

Outline of superyacht hall clearly visible

Demolition work on Oceanco’s old shipbuilding hall has been taking place over the past few months. The roof and façade cladding as well as the existing truss structure were removed and new foundations have since been laid. The steel structure of the technical area has been erected and the first trusses on top of the building have now been installed. Installing the new truss structure on the roof will allow for maximum use of the clear height. It also means the superyacht hall has now reached its highest point.

11 July 2019

During the festive topping-out ceremony, Oceanco management thanked all construction site workers for the successful progress of the work. Arie van Andel said, “I’ve witnessed the forging of a team that wants to do things together. A team that took on a commitment on 17 February to ensure this space will be able to house a yacht by March next year.” The work is progressing quite rapidly and the coming months will see further developments, including the exterior wall renovation of the adjacent low-rise section.

The height of Oceanco’s shipbuilding facility is being increased by 3.65 metres and its length extended by 4.5 metres. When finished, it will be able to cater to a market that is seeing an increasing demand for larger yachts. Sustainability will be a key feature of the new building: solar panels are to be installed and the insulation of the walls and the roof will use the latest technology.

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