Dag van de bouw Vinkenplein

Visit Vinkenplein on National Construction Day

Come and take a peek behind the scenes at our Vinkenplein construction project in Bilthoven on Saturday, 15 June. An annual event held throughout the Netherlands, Construction Day (Dag van de Bouw) offers the public the chance to visit building sites and see construction work in action. The Vinkenplein project will be freely accessible from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. This will bea unique opportunity to see the project up close and get to know the people behind it.

When finished, Vinkenplein in Bilthoven will be a place to relax, meet and live. The development will consist of a main building and pavilion. The main building will comprise an underground car park for residents, a total of 30 luxury apartments (70 to 140 m2) and six commercial spaces on the ground floor.

We look forward to welcoming you on Construction Day, when wewill show you how the project is progressing.In addition to highlighting the craftsmanship demonstrated daily by our professionals, various innovative prefab products and processes will be showcased. Several facades, for example, were manufactured in our own concrete factory, immediately fitted with brick veneer and delivered to the construction site ready for use. This saved a good deal of time and has added quality to the project. We will tell you all about it.

Apart from a visit to the Vinkenplein building site, there will also be various activities for all ages in the nearby De Kwinkelier shopping centre.

Vinkenplein along with all the other construction projects taking part in this edition of Construction Day can be found at debouwmaakthet.nl 

Dag van de bouw Vinkenplein
dag van de bouw Vinkenplein

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