Eerste paal hoogbouwmagazijn Rijnberg Elopak

Festive groundbreaking ceremony for Elopak fully automated high-bay warehouse in Terneuzen

On Thursday, 9 September 2021, ground was ceremoniously broken on a new fully automated high-bay warehouse in Terneuzen. Among the dignitaries present were Alderman Jack Begijn, Jeroen Rijnhout, general manager at Elopak Nederland, and Robert Rijnberg of A.C. Rijnberg Transport.

13 September 2021

Commissioned by A.C. Rijnberg Transport, the innovative design for the project was created completely in-house. The warehouse will be built on Rijnberg’s premises to accommodate leading packaging supplier Elopak Nederland. The new mega-warehouse (110 metres long, 52 metres wide, 25 metres high) will enable Elopak to store up to 480 million packages at a single location. Storage is currently spread across several sites.

The construction and design of a fully automated high-bay warehouse requires intricate planning. Cordeel's expertise on logistics development — based on decades of experience — was therefore put to good use. As a family business, we place great importance on nurturing long-term relationships with clients. We are delighted to continue our valuable partnerships with Elopak and Rijnberg through this project and are proud to strengthen our reputation as an industrial construction firm in Terneuzen.   


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