Droogdok Van Lent Amsterdam

Luxury yachts in Amsterdam

New shipyard construction for Royal Van Lent

To meet the demand for increasingly larger yachts, shipbuilder Royal Van Lent requires a bigger shipyard. Together with De Koning, Hak, ABT and A&E Architects, we are building a new production hall for constructing yachts measuring up to 160 metres.
Droogdok Van Lent Amsterdam
Droogdok Van Lent Amsterdam

Project properties

Project name
New shipyard construction for Royal Van Lent
Westpoort, Amsterdam
Royal van Lent Shipyard
7,000 m²
A&E Architecten
ABT Ingenieursbureau
Type of contract
07/2017 - 04/2019


We first constructed a dry dock inside a 34-metre-high hall. The building mass comprises a large volume for ship building and a two-level volume for workshops and warehouses as well as changing rooms and a canteen. Not only the construction of the steel frame of the hall by De Kok Staalbouw is done under our supervision; we were asked to take on the full coordination of all activities by third parties during construction.

Cost-efficient, underwater concrete floor

The dry dock has an underwater concrete floor. This is integrated into the structural floor. In the preliminary design, both floors were one-metre thick. However, together with engineering firm ABT, we optimised this to a steel-fibre reinforced underwater concrete slab of 85 cm thick and a structural floor with a thickness of 40 cm. This saved more than 3,000 m3 of concrete and even slightly more in terms of excavation volume. It also meant that as the excavation was shallower, the piles and sheet pile walls were significantly shorter in length.


Droogdok Royal Van Lent

“The implementation is exceptional, especially on the north-western side. The piles used here were drilled diagonally at an angle of 2.5:1 and measure an impressive 38 metres in length.”

Niels Punt civil engineering project manager at ABT