Sportcomplex De Eendr8 Hellevoetsluis

Sports and swimming with a view of a leafy environment

Hellevoetsluis multifunctional sports centre

The Municipality of Hellevoetsluis is responding to the quality requirements and social needs of today with the completion of a new multifunctional sports centre. Working with Slangen + Koenis architects and Van Dorp installations, we secured the original tender as a result of the preliminary design.
Sportcomplex De Eendr8 Hellevoetsluis
Sportcomplex De Eendr8 Hellevoetsluis

Project properties

Project name
Hellevoetsluis multifunctional sports centre
Amnesty Internationallaan, Hellevoetsluis
Gemeente Hellevoetsluis
8,500 m²
Slangen + Koenis
Slangen + Koenis
Type of contract
03/2019 - end 2020

Extensive schedule

The new sports centre includes a gym, three swimming pools, locker rooms, offices, catering establishments and a large sports hall with grandstand. Aside from the building schedule, we have also created a provisional design for the layout of the entrance area: an original 'kiss & ride' strip in the form of an athletics track. 

High sustainability score

We have set high ambitions, not least in terms of sustainability. As far as the municipal regulations (GPR) are concerned, we have exceeded standard stipulations for all sections of the building. The prescribed nearly zero-energy requirements have been met and the building has an energy performance coefficient of 0.37. The CO2 reduction for building-related energy (EPG) is 94%. For the usage-specific component (swimming pool), the figure is 51%.