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Cordeel is a contractor in heart and soul with its own production facilities and a modern outlook on the construction industry. We are active in several European countries. At Cordeel in the Netherlands, you will work as part of a close-knit family of 150 employees with a good mix of young talent and invaluable experience. All qualified people who have pledged their hearts to building. We don’t invest just in our clients but also in our employees. As part of our team, you will work to develop your own future and the future of the company!

What do you bring?

We are always looking for talented individuals who can bring added value to our company, both at the construction site and at the office. We are looking for solution-oriented go-getters. Ambitious and driven people who can handle the freedom and responsibilities we offer. What else do you bring?

  • A passion for your profession
  • The drive to further develop your talents
  • The desire to always put our clients first
  • The enthusiasm to work together to achieve the highest quality

Is this you? Please keep reading. 


This is what we offer

We look at you as a person, as a member of our family. We don't just consider your education or diplomas. But what do we offer?

  • Lots of internal know-how to learn from
  • Excellent opportunities for professional development
  • Room for personal growth through training and education
  • Competitive salary and fringe benefits in accordance with collective labour agreement
  • We look after you and your family: we are a genuine family business and it shows


Join the family
Teambuilding esports
teambuilding esports
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Zomer BBQ Cordeel
Zomer BBQ Cordeel
Zomer BBQ Cordeel
Join the family
Join the family
Join the family
Join the family

Always room for good people

We always have room for good people. From carpenters, measurement engineers and crane operators to project leaders and site managers. Even when you are not too sure which direction you want to take, Cordeel offers interesting opportunities. We don’t have standard traineeships but look at your interests and qualities to help you develop.

Onze vacatures

Would you like to know what your future could look like with Cordeel?
Or do you have a specific question about a vacancy? Don't hesitate to contact Claudia Zwijnenburg - Blokmaker.